Wood products

In 2000 the Company bought a large, unfinished workshop, which belonged to a former collective farm in which a sawmill was equipped. Later the sawmill was modernized; automatic logs feed line with scanning and assorting device was built. We have assembled band saw and LINCK frame saw machines.

In 2003 the Company bought productive timber defect cutting – optimizing and assorting line.

In 2004 the Company reconstructed existing boiler-house and started exploit it with 1 MGW power. In the same year was invested in modern convection and full automatic timber drying room.

In 2005 autumn we won contest by VUI (local employment initiative) project and got funds for timber 4-side moulder and finger joint lines equipment and created 10 workplaces.

The Company’s partners are Forestry, private forests owners, wood processing companies, furniture panel from wood solid producers and varied furniture producing companies from Lithuania and foreign.

We are looking for close collaboration contacts with furniture producers, timber manufacturing companies, birch logs and other timber suppliers.