About us

JSC “LUGVITA” was established in 1997 in the territory of former Vilkaviskis trading store. The Company is successfully developing its activity till now.

The main activity is wood manufacturing, drying, and semi-finished products for furniture production from birch and oak timber.

In 2000 the Company started its activity in the field of building materials and made useful close cooperation contacts with the producers of dry building mixtures. The staff of the company had practice in Germany where they had an opportunity to work in the enterprises producing dry building mixtures, which have great experience. In the same year we made the cooperation contract with Germany Company “Arnfried.PAGEL pers. Ing. Bautechnische Beratrung u. Produkte”. JSC “LUGVITA” became plenipotentiary of this firm in Baltic States. Company got the right by the special made-up recipe, which is fitted to local aggregates, to do terminal materials batch, using “Arnfried. PAGEL pers. Ing.” made-up aggregates (additions for chemical materials).

In 2002 dry building materials stir line introduced into production and began on works. These itself consolidation, recoverable pull grouts are for adjusting works, columns filling, bridges anchor filling and so on. More about materials features look into materials descriptions.

In 2004-2005 the Company accomplished experiments and tests by European CE standards and began to produce dry building materials: tiles glue, self – levelling floor, masonry mortar and other building materials.

JSC “LUGVITA” in 2004 and 2005 took part in magazine “Business News” project for small and medium business “Gazelle 2004”, “Gazelle 2005” and was acknowledge as one of successfully working and faster progressing Lithuanians companies.

In 2004 and 2005 the Company is included in “Who is who” manual series “Lithuanian’s cities”.

In 2005 dealing with an environmental protection problems JSC “LUGVITA” found environmental protection management system (AVS) after Environmental protection management and audit system’s (EMAS) requests. After this we will get ISO 14001 standard certificate, that is, certificated Environmental protection management system will be founded which assure cleaner production methods.

In the company work 79 permanently theirs qualification improving staff.